An Innovative Approach

Cascade Specialty Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy that excels at compounding innovative solutions tailored to meet the needs of today’s patients.  It is this innovative approach to medicine that enables us to create true solutions to common problems not possible via traditional methods.  This also enables us to create affordable medications for our customers, passing on the savings.

  • Top-Tier Traditional Pharmacy – Cascade Specialty Pharmacy works with your doctor to fill your prescriptions and accepts most insurance plans.

  • Personalized Care – We are committed to delivering excellent results to our patients.  This means that our capabilities to formulate specific medications, doses, and prescriptions for you allows us to tailor the medicine so that your body and health are best served.  We will discuss options with you and deliver a solution that best fits your needs.

  • Innovative Programs – We see healthcare innovations every day and create new programs to meet the needs of the market.  Whether that is targeted solutions for Urology and Erectile Dysfunction, solving the needs of Sinus health sufferers, helping to develop effective Hormone Replacement Therapy programs, or even creating effective Veterinary Solutions and medication for your pets – Cascade Specialty Pharmacy innovates to deliver the best and most affordable solutions for our patients.

Our approach

Personalized Care

We are the destination pharmacy for all of your prescriptions and pharmaceutical needs. Additionally, we care about the “whole person” and create innovative solutions to maximize your performance and well-being. We work diligently to create new solutions to achieve higher absorption rates for your medication. We perform research and development to create herb and vitamin-based supplements for migraine sufferers. Personalized care doesn’t stop with simply making innovative solutions. Our Patient Care department endeavors to provide personalized care to help every patient we meet and to provide exceptional service to every clinic we serve.


National + Local

While we are licensed in 13 states in the US and ship the many of our prescriptions for free, we pride ourselves on being a pharmacy that is personal and local.  You are welcome to drop in any time and ask questions, no matter how basic or how specific.  We are dedicated to helping you live a vibrant life, not only to resolve whatever illness you might have, but also to help you achieve whatever goal you might desire to obtain.


Innovative Programs

Cascade Specialty Pharmacy celebrates innovation in all that we do. Because we care about your whole person, and helping you to live a vibrant life, we continually push ourselves to acquire new technology, new ingredients, new methods, and even new relationships to create pharmaceutical programs that solve specific problems.  We pride ourselves on creating comparable and sometimes superior solutions through generic medications delivered through innovative means, at a fraction of the cost of name brand drugs.  We analyze new treatments and new discoveries from nature and determine the best way to deliver those benefits to the human body. Day after day, week after week, we strive to make your life better through our health and supplement programs.


Veterinary Health

Our pets are our family.  We love them and care for them, day in, day out.  At Cascade Specialty Pharmacy, we have long relationships with the same manufacturers of the top veterinarian medications and formulate new drugs and delivery vehicles to keep your pets healthy and happy, longer.  What sets us apart is our meticulous attention to clean laboratory and manufacturing facilities and our creative solutions to deliver medicines to the four-footed patients.  We partner up with your local veterinary office and can deliver to your door the very next day.


Committed to Your Best Future

We strive to help you live the very best life you can live – through standard prescriptions, specialty formulations, or through innovative supplements for you and your family.

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Trustworthy Affiliations

Every field of medicine requires precision, care, and a no-compromise commitment to accuracy.

We are proud to be affiliated with organizations that connect us to the best that modern medicine has to offer.