A Specialty Approach

Cascade Specialty Pharmacy has the luxury of treating the whole person, not just the sickness.  In addition to providing the best pharmaceutical medications, we create programs from scratch that deliver medications and supplements to maximize performance, recovery, and efficacy.  We also specialize in some key areas working to develop innovative solutions that our customers deserve.

Hormone Replacement Therapy & Women’s Health

As we age, our bodies change in outward appearance as our internal physiological processes change. Hormones play a significant role in how we age and ultimately how we feel and function. Recent scientific advances such as the human genome project have given us greater understanding in our differences between humans. It is understood that 20% of our differences are actually genetic and 80% of differences can be attributed to our interaction with our environment. This exciting discovery affirms to us that we each are truly different and from a medical perspective, one size cannot fit all. This is an important paradigm shift in the way we approach medicine.

  • Balancing patient hormone levels is essential – Through modern and emerging medications and techniques, we offer cutting-edge solutions to balance your hormones throughout the aging process.

  • Specialized solutions for thyroid imbalance – Because the thyroid gland is such an essential part of the human body, we help patients to remedy thyroid imbalances and hypothyroidism.

  • Adrenal Fatigue Solutions – In addition to proper diet, exercise, and sleep, adrenal sufficiency often requires replacement of deficient hormones.