A Specialty Approach

Cascade Specialty Pharmacy has the luxury of treating the whole person, not just the sickness.  In addition to providing the best pharmaceutical medications, we create programs from scratch that deliver medications and supplements to maximize performance, recovery, and efficacy.  We also specialize in some key areas working to develop innovative solutions that our customers deserve.

Urology & Men’s Health (ED)

Urology is the field of medicine that focuses on issues and diseases of the urinary tract and the male reproductive tract. Some urologists treat general diseases of the urinary tract. Others specialize in a particular type of urology.  Cascade Specialty Pharmacy works to provide effective solutions for men and women, to help them live productive and happy lives.

  • Innovative Solutions – We are continually working to provide solutions within the space of Urology that delivers the right medicine at the right dosage.

  • Urologist Approved – We work closely with Urologists and help with the unique needs of the patient.  Sometimes this can also include finding a medication that fits the patient’s budget when insurance will not cover a prescription.

  • Performance Enhancing – Men’s Health Issues can also include medication for Erectile Dysfunction (ED).  Cascade Specialty Pharmacy dispenses generic alternatives to leading prescriptions in addition to creating compounded solutions with effective potency at a fraction of the price.