A Specialty Approach

Cascade Specialty Pharmacy has the luxury of treating the whole person, not just the sickness.  In addition to providing the best pharmaceutical medications, we create programs from scratch that deliver medications and supplements to maximize performance, recovery, and efficacy.  We also specialize in some key areas working to develop innovative solutions that our customers deserve.

Veterinary Medicine

We specialize in the compounding of medications for all animals from large to small.  Our services are an option to a veterinarian when deciding on the most appropriate medication, dosage and form to be administered to the animal.  Our goal is to increase the success rate of the selected treatment.  If the medication is not acceptable to the animal, then it is not going to receive the treatment it needs.

  • Tailored Vet Solutions – Pets are notoriously difficult to administer medication to.  We use innovative methods like flavoring the medication to a taste that your pet will appreciate!

  • Transdermal Options – When possible, we may recommend a less invasive and painful method of delivering medication, including new techniques in “Transdermal Medication Delivery” where you are able to simply rub the inside of your pet’s ears with a compounded medication – no shots, no pills!

  • Ophthalmic Solutions – We can compound specialty eye drop solutions to deliver medications, in addition to creating just the right dosage for your pet.