A Specialty Approach

Cascade Specialty Pharmacy has the luxury of treating the whole person, not just the sickness.  In addition to providing the best pharmaceutical medications, we create programs from scratch that deliver medications and supplements to maximize performance, recovery, and efficacy.  We also specialize in some key areas working to develop innovative solutions that our customers deserve.

Ear, Nose, & Throat Health

Many people suffer with sinus conditions from chronic sinusitis to allergic rhinitis, and more. Cascade Specialty Pharmacy is committed to providing the most advanced topical treatments available. Utilizing innovative dispersing technology, powerful topical treatments are available like never before. Our pharmacists collaborate with patients and their healthcare providers to customize medication solutions.

  • Solutions for Chronic Sinus Sufferers – Programs for patients suffering from recalcitrant allergic rhinitis and/or recurrent nasal polyps

  • Post-Operative Patient Relief – We have specialized programs for patients recently out of an operative procedure, who may suffer from swelling, crusting and infections.

  • Remedies where other attempts have failed – We offer solutions for patients who have not had success with other treatments or even suffer from anosmia (loss of smell)