Dedicated to a Vibrant Life

At Cascade Specialty Pharmacy, we believe in high performance for our patients, whether that means formulating personalized medicine to fit their specific needs or suggesting supplements that will help them achieve their maximum performance.  We believe that our lives are lived out in a journey, and while that journey can sometimes have setbacks that need medical help, more often than not that journey is about love and adventure, family and friends.  We work diligently to help you get the most out of those times.

We also believe in the power of community.  This includes your family, your friends, your pets, and your neighbors. We strive to formulate new and innovative ways to deliver medicine to your pets through topical applications.  We strive to help you feel your best through seasonal allergies that interrupt your dinner parties.  And because we live in your community, we strive to be great neighbors with a heart and a mission.

Let us serve you and your family.  We are dedicated to helping you live a vibrant life, more than just a healthy one.

All the best, from our family to yours.

  • Dedicated to Vibrant Living – We don’t want to simply help you get better, we want you to live vibrantly!

  • Personalized Medicine & Care – As trained pharmacists, technicians, and support staff, we always strive to perform at the highest levels for your benefit.

  • Always Innovating, Always Improving – Performance in life matters, whether that is relationships, self image, or simply achieving your life’s dreams.  We are committed to helping you perform every day to maximize your life journey.

Medical Excellence & Innovation

Cascade Specialty Pharmacy has an advantage over discount, big-box pharmacies.  We can provide you with the utmost in medical prescriptions, while simultaneously tailoring your treatment to one that fits you perfectly.  We do this by understanding what is available from the medical community while innovating within our own laboratories.  And we partner with your doctors since we know that every body is unique.

We are also able to accommodate every budget.  Whether you need the latest urology solution, now available as a generic, or whether you need to manage your hormone replacement regimen – we can build a solution that fits your needs.

  • Top Notch Medical Professionals – Our Pharmacists are dedicated to understanding what is going on in your body.  We will listen to you and your doctor, and tailor the right medication to fit your needs.

  • Affordable at Any Budget – We accept major forms of health insurance while specializing in direct payments for medicines not covered by your provider.  We can fit into any budget.

  • Specialized Programs – As a Specialty Pharmacy, we have the ability to focus on key areas.  This creates the ability to tailor programs to solve real problems that big pharma companies may not want to address.  Programs such as our Urology and Erectile Dysfunction solutions, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Sinus Health solutions, and even our innovative Veterinary Care program are all tailored to serve specialist doctors and their patients.

“As medical professionals, I firmly believe in helping my patients live a vibrant and high-performance lifestyle.

What we do helps them to get through medical challenges, but it also helps them to get back to living exciting and fulfilled lives.  We are more than just great medicine, we are a family of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of everyone we touch.”

Brandon Knott, Owner & Pharmacist